About Us

Christina Daidone


Welcome to The Eating Psychology Clinic, and thank you for showing interest in this valuable and long-awaited movement of seeing food and our body from a different perspective.

My name is Christina Daidone, and I’m a Certified Eating Psychology Coach who graduated from the Institute for the Psychology of Eating founded by Marc David. I founded the Eating Psychology Clinic in 2020, where my team and I now passionately help people in not only transforming their relationship with food and body, but also in transforming their life as a whole. 

I would like to take this precious moment to share a bit of my background so you can better understand why I am here doing this work and why I have founded The Eating Psychology Clinic.

My original profession was law, however, challenges that I faced for nearly a decade with food and my body motivated me to go back to school and learn about the connection between psychology and nutrition to overcome my own struggles.

After experiencing various types of eating issues such as binge eating, chronic dieting, emotional eating, calorie obsession, weight fluctuations, and exercise addiction, which all caused many physical and mental health issues, I was able to successfully recover and gain back my precious life.

On my own journey towards a better relationship with food and my body, I discovered that there was something important missing when it comes to traditional approaches toward nutrition and the body. This missing ingredient is called Dynamic Eating Psychology.

Psychology plays a significant role in every area of our lives. In fact, psychology can help us understand why we eat certain kinds of foods in certain situations and why we avoid eating food under specific circumstances.

There is an underlying message in our eating and body challenges, which shows that our struggles with food, our bodies, or our weight are connected to every area of our lives.

Back then, I promised myself that once I was fully free from food and body struggles, I would try to help as many people as I could on this planet rebuild a healthy relationship with food and their body to regain their precious life! 

I am now very passionate about building The Eating Psychology Clinic to help you in overcoming your unwanted eating concerns. With all I have gone through, I believe it is my purpose in life to support and guide you on your journey toward a better relationship with food and your body. 

Your breakthrough and success honestly mean the world to me. I truly believe that each of us deserves a happy and healthy life!

Certified By The Institute For The Psychology Of Eating