Welcome To
The Eating Psychology Clinic

With Christina Daidone

Welcome To
The Eating Psychology Clinic

Christina Daidone



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Be At The Cutting Edge With Eating Psychology!

Are you struggling with any unwanted eating behavior or weight challenge?

And you would like to achieve the following results? 

Good News! You’ve landed in exactly the right place!

We from the Eating Psychology Clinic follow an exciting and timely new approach that provides the missing ingredient in nutrition and health. We offer a variety of programs that give you the opportunity to transform your relationship with food and your body forever and overcome your weight challenges.

Christina Daidone – Eating Psychology Expert and founder of the Eating Psychology Clinic – will provide you with the winning and easy to practice techniques and strategies.


The Breakthrough Program

Eating Psychology
24 Lectures
5 weeks
Eating Psychology
1 Lecture
1-1.5 hrs
Eating Psychology
24 Lectures
5 weeks

The Breakthrough Program is a 5-week online course that will help you to transform your relationship with food and to overcome your weight challenges. Christina Daidone will explain you in the following video what you can expect from the program.

Speciality Of Our Program

For Every Eating And Body Problem

The Eating Psychology is designed to help EVERYONE who experiences struggles with food and body. This includes every form of toxic food belief, chronic dieting, weight challenges, obesity, body image issue, and eating disorders such as binge eating, emotional eating, under eating, and more.

Eating Psychology

Learn about a new groundbreaking approach - The Dynamic Eating Psychology. Eating challenges are intimately connected to all the things that make us human - our relationships, job, sexuality, family, emotions, and so much more. Through the knowledge of Eating Psychology, you learn to understand that you’re not broken, but that your challenge with eating and food is a valuable opportunity for you to grow and evolve.

Individual Approach

Eating Psychology and Mind-Body Nutrition don’t rely on strict food rules or any calorie-in-and-calorie-out programs. It provide you with a strong skill-set and confidence to connect with your own body to achieve your personal breakthrough with food. You will learn how to understand what approach works best for your unique body.

Mind-Body Nutrition

Mind-Body Nutrition is a new approach to food and body that combines nutrition with psychology. We are emotional human beings, and therefore our eating behavior is impacted by our emotions and vice versa. How much we eat and what we eat are just half of the story of good nutrition - the other half is who we are as eaters: our personal story, thoughts, feelings, and beliefs.

Life Energy

Challenges with food and body consume a lot of energy. This leads to a lack of energy in other areas of life, such as relationships, intimacy, education, work, travel, and simply enjoying the valuable moments in life. Regain your energy for life with the help of Eating Psychology and become part of this movement of seeing food and our body from a different perspective.

Mental And Emotional Strength

In a society that constantly bombards us with stress and leaves us no time to sit down for a moment and enjoy food - it is no surprise that so many of us struggle with disordered eating. Taking responsibility of our mental health and controlling our emotions are necessary for rebuilding a healthy relationship with food and body. Managing your emotions and feeding your mind with the right information will make your eating problems disappear automatically.

We stand behind our programs!